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Affiliated Events Participation

What is an affiliated event?
An event (or series of events) held on one or more days during Three Rivers Festival. Affiliated events are organized, hosted and operated by an area business or not-for-profit group.

What are the benefits of being an affiliated event?
Your event will be part of our area’s biggest summer festival. A listing of your Affiliated Event will be included in the daily listings in the festival guide. Your event will also be listed on the Three Rivers Festival website. Approved events may use the Three Rivers Festival logo in their advertising materials.

How do you apply?
Fill out this application and include your payment by April 1, 2016 . Your Certificate of Insurance will be required no later than June 15, 2016. You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your application status by May 2016.

Affiliated Event Fees:
A Commercial Event with admission/participation charge = $500
A Commercial Event with FREE admission = $100
A Non-Profit Organization’s Event (No corporate names/brands mentioned) = $100
~~Note: Non-Profit organization’s Event may have admission fees and/or sales to public

Click Here for your 2016 Affiliated Event Application