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1 pm Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Three Rivers Festival Raft Race sponsored by Hotel Fitness and Hanning & Bean Enterprises, Inc. promotes a safe, fun, family-oriented event. Participants are encouraged to act responsibly, show good sportsmanship, assist other participants if necessary, show respect for the river and the land owners along the river, and of course, have fun! Captains are responsible for knowing the race rules and ensuring that their crew follows them for their own safety, the safety of other participants, and to ensure that we will be able to hold this event in the future. 

2013 Raft Race Winners:


Non-Commercial Creative
1. Baumgartner
2. Ought 5'rs
3. A billies


Commercial Creative
1. Copelan's Coleman campers
2. Vodermans Volkswagen 
3. FW parks and rec paddlers 


Non-Commercial Speed
1. Concordia / turnstone
2. 50 bucks and a weekend
3. Team awesome


Commercial Speed
1. Angry chelsey's
2. Solid design
3. LA electric

***Registrations WILL be accepted Day of the Race***


Anticipated race start is 1:00 pm, Saturday, July 19.

All Captains and their crew must remain aboard their Raft for the entire duration of the Race.

All rafts must have a minimum crew size of 3.

All rafts must the run entire course under their own power to be eligible for awards; e.g., NO help from spectators/friends/secret agents

on shore, and NO towing.

All rafts will be required to accept a tow if found to be floundering mid-race and/or have not finished by 4:00 p.m.

Cash prizes totaling $14,000 will be awarded for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place in the Commercial and Non-Commercial/Individual Divisions,

for the following categories:


 1) Fastest Raft                       2) Most Creative Raft

Raft Requirements


  • All rafts must be homemade. No commercially manufactured hulls allowed on any raft.
  • Rafts must be equipped with a 25’ length of 3/8” (minimum) towline that is secured to the raft and anchor.
  • Minimum raft size is 4' x 8' and must be able to support the weight of the crew.
  • Maximum raft height must not exceed 12' in order to clear the bridge.


Build Requirements

  • All rafts must display the Hotel Fitness name or logo on their raft; assigned Raft Race competition number
  • must be displayed & clearly visible to Finish Line officials.
  • Inner tubes or inflatable devices are sadly not allowed.
  • All rafts must be solely human powered, may use poles, oars, paddles, paddle wheels,
  • sails, propellers, etc. or any combination thereof.
  • Aftermarket marine rigging such as cleats & rope are acceptable.
  • All raft decks must be securely fastened to a frame, and the frame securely fastened to the hulls and/or
  • flotation devices.
  • Any protruding long bolts, nails sheet metal raw edges must be sawed off, filed, and taped.


  • All rafts will be inspected prior to launching, and may be subject to modification at the discretion of the Raft
  • Race Committee.
  • All rafts and raft parts must be removed from the river at the end of the day.
  • Derelict rafts are subject to police action and/or fines from the Authorities and risk permanent disqualification
  • from the event.
  • The Raft Race Committee reserves the right to ban any raft from the race for any reason deemed fit.

  • Recommended Supplies on Raft:
  • An adequate supply of drinking water to prevent dehydration during the race.
  • First aid kit.
  • Appropriate sunscreen for any sun-sensitive participants.
  • Hats with visors for participants, to help reduce sun exposure.
  • Garbage bags for their own trash.


Raft Race Participants

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Each crew member must sign a release of liability waiver prior to launching their raft on the day of the event.

Please, no diving off any vessel or jumping into the water at any time! Sections of the race course can be very shallow

in spots and may include submerged sharp objects. We just don't want to see you get hurt.


No alcohol.

NO ANIMALS on board.

Each participant must have a Coast Guard approved life jacket that must be worn at all times.

All crew members must wear sneakers or other appropriate footwear to prevent injuries from submerged sharp objects.

In case of emergency, crew members must be able to affect an immediate escape from the raft and must not be

restricted in anyway.

Crew members sabotaging any other contestant’s raft will be disqualified.

Crew members must follow the instructions given by safety crews, Police and Divers at all times, in or out of the water.

Crew members must not indulge in behavior likely to endanger their selves, other participants, and other rafts.

Officials concerned with your safety will be permitted to withdraw from the race any crew member they deem unfit.

In all matters related to The Raft Race, the Committee’s decision is final.

In the event that any crew members are refused entry, or if a raft is unfit or disqualified, all entry fees will be forfeited.


  • Rafts may arrive early, to be staged/anchored at the riverbank beginning Friday, July 18, at 4:00pm.
  • Kayaks and canoes have no construction restrictions and do not need to be inspected prior to launching, but are
  • not eligible for prizes. These craft cannot obstruct the racers.
  • The only motorized watercraft permitted on the river during the race are Race Officials.
  • No Glass Containers are allowed at any time in or around the Race area!
  • NO mechanical devices or tubing used to propel water balloons, spaghetti, snowballs, or any other dangerous
  • objects may be used. NO super-soakers or water-propelling devices.
  • All participants agree that to give full consent for use of any photographic/video images obtained by TRF, to be
  • used for any purpose including publication.
  • All participants are reminded that the consumption of alcohol before or during the race is extremely dangerous.
  •  It increases the risk of accidents and possible drowning.
  • Anyone exhibiting unsafe behavior at any time will be disqualified and may be permanently banned from the event.


All rules are subject to change and amendment. Updates will be posted on this page.

 Any questions about the interpretation of these rules, please contact the TRF Office (260-426-5556).

NOTE: Walk-up registrations WILL  be accepted day of event.

Hanning & Bean Enterprises Inc. Three River Festival's Title Sponsor!

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