Parade Criteria – For ALL Entries

  1. Minimum age to ride on any unit is 5 years old.
  2. If walking, children under age 10 must be accompanied by an adult, and have a stroller or wagon available in case of fatigue. Any exceptions to age limits must be pre-approved by TRF.
  3. All participants are expected to be of sound mind and body, sober and cooperative with Parade officials before and during the Parade. Failure to comply will result in immediate expulsion.
  4. All entries must arrange for power, helium or any other supplies needed for set-up/tear-down of their unit.
  5. All entries are responsible for ensuring their unit can safely fit on the Parade route (considering trees, street lights, turns, etc.)
  6. Your organization’s name must be an integral part of your unit, or may appear on a banner preceding or following your unit.  Any advertising should be covered.  Website address and phone number for your company may be displayed. Use of partisan political signs or other political material on any entry is prohibited on or around the Parade route.  Any controversial statements, pictures or actions may cause your unit to be ejected from the parade.
  7. Animals are prohibited from participating in the parade, unless a permit has been obtained by the Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control and has been approved by the Three Rivers Festival Parade Committee.

Spectator Safety

  1. Candy, gifts, toys, or giveaway materials may not be handed out, tossed or thrown.
  2. No squirt guns or silly string may be used along the Parade route.
  3. Please do not encourage spectators to leave their seats or enter the Parade route for any reason.

FLOAT Criteria

  1. A float shall consist of a low flat trailer (farm type), boat trailer (heavy duty), mobile home frame or other suitable frame with pneumatic tired wheels.
  2. All applications MUST be accompanied by a sketch or photo of the proposed entry. The final entry must adhere to the original concept. Any variation or change requires prior approval of the Parade Committee. If a variance has not been granted, the entry is subject to elimination (on grounds of misrepresentation) at marshalling.
  3. The approved towing units are:  riding lawn mower or garden tractor, SUV, pick-up truck, ATV, UTV, Mule.  All vehicles must be decorated (you must include vehicles design with your sketch) Self-propelled units (those in which the towing unit is an integral part of the float design) are also encouraged.
  4. The float design MUST reflect the Parade theme. A sponsor’s name on either commercial or non-commercial entries may appear on the float or on a banner preceding the float. Only authorized signage (that which appeared on the approved sketch or drawing) will be permitted.
  5. The following minimum/maximum size restrictions apply:
    1. Length:   Min 12′, Max 60′
    2. Width:  Min 7′, Max 12′
    3. Height: No minimum, Max 14′ –Important because of railroad underpasses!
    4. Flatbed Clearance: Min 2′, Max 4′
    5. Skirting Clearance: Min 1″, Max 2″
  6. Float Framework must be steel, aluminum, wood or other solid material, covered by chicken wire, plastic netting, sprayed canvas or other suitable material. The outer surface may be covered with poms, foil, paper mache, live or artificial flowers, cloth, garlands, fringes, petals, papers, grass mat or paint. Lettering may be cut from wall board or any other material, to which paint, glitter, foil, floral or other covering may be applied.
  7. Animation and music are highly desirable.
  8. No unit is permitted to STOP to perform during the Parade.  This includes all specialty units such as mini-bikes, go-karts, and mini airplanes.  All choreography, acts or demonstrations must be accomplished while moving forward unless an exception is granted IN ADVANCE by the Parade Committee.
  9. When transporting the float to the Parade site, it is a good idea to cover it with polyethylene for protection from sun, wind and rain.
  10. The following safety measures are required:
    1. Float materials and costumes made of flame-proof material (or sprayed with a flame-proofing solution of 7 oz. borax, 3 oz. powdered boric acid and 2 quarts hot water).A fire extinguisher aboard the float or towing unit.
    2. Safety type couplers for all towing connections.
    3. Carefully secured lug nuts on all wheels.
    4. Tires of good quality.
  11. Children under age 10 must be in a restraint or supervised at all times by at least one adult. Minimum age to ride on float is 5 years, unless pre-approved by TRF.
  12. Only 15 people are permitted to walk alongside the float.
  13. Parade officials may disqualify an entry at any time if, in their opinion, the entry is not fully observing Parade rules and regulations or if the official observes any behavior or circumstance which is considered to be unsafe.

Once you have read the rules, please click here to view the application